Wayne Henderson

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Thank you for visiting his site, As most of you may know Wayne,AKA Little Wayne. Got in a motorcycle wreck Dec. 22 2010 at around 5:45pm ET. He was not driving crazy or speeding , He went to stop and skidded into a car going about 45mph. He totaled the bike and He is in TICU at Erlanger Hospital. He has a Broke shoulder, Three Broke ribs, either a collapsed or puncture lung, a few crushed vertebrae and a severed spinal cord. He is paralyzed from the chest down as far as we know but miracles happen everyday so everyone please pray for him.

 I started this site for everyone to come together and pray for him and to start a donation collection for him to help with medical bill's and get him  the treatment he needs to make it thru these hard times. The donation tap is in the bottom right of every page. Dont feel like yall have to donate anything Prayers are good enough but if you are able to help we all would be grateful . Thank you all for the support and God Bless everyone

Being the donation's are going threw a PayPal account  it charges a proccess fee of 33 cents for 1 dollar donations. If you do not want to donate on the site you can send your check's to the address below, or stop by Dupont credit union in soddy daisy and just tell them the name your donating to. Thanks for all your help. God Bless

PO Box 493 , Soddy daisy, Tn. 37384  Make checks Payable to Tabitha Henderson   

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